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SEL can provide complete  offer design, supply and installation packages, install only or supply only to suit your requirements. We can provide technical advice over the phone or full design support. We offer a free review service and have an extensive library of technical information, specifications and DWG CAD details we can provide for your assistance. Products and Solutions for; SuDS drainage for housing, SuDS drainage for commercial, Permeable pavement solutions, SuDS solutions for car parks, Rooftop Running Lanes, Rooftop Muga, Playdeck, Blue roofs, Green roofs, Retrofitting of Suds, Rain gardens, Green Infrastructure, Ground gas protection, Gas migration barrier, Gravel vent trench. All our SuDS solutions can integrate with green roofs, blue roofs, detention ponds, swales, permeable paving, rain harvesting, filter trenches, infiltration, voided sub-base attenuation, modular attenuation, refuelling area containment, oil interception and treatment and vehicle washdown areas. They are ideal to overcome high water table, unstable soils, high rock head, shallow outfall, contaminated soils or gassing issues.

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